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Grooved Rubber Mat

Grooved Rubber Mat performs excellent in anti-slip. It generally be used in farm.

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Rubber mat has a good product performance. It can be used for a long time, particularly suitable for pasture, the racecourse, pen, kitchen and so on. Rubber mats are ideal solutions to a range of problems plaguing the average home or business-owner. Whether you have issues with dirty and wet doorways or slippery kitchen floors, tough rubber mats for floors that give extra traction while offering slip resistance and anti-fatigue comfort in a portable and easy to clean product. Rubber mats can also be used in a wide variety of different settings, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial in nature. In any situation our products are here to help make it easy! 

Compare the various of Grooved Rubber Mat to determine the best choice for your applications.

Grooved Rubber Matting, Grooved Rubber Matting supplier

Product Description:

General Properties:
• Can cover large areas without movement
• Reduces damage to trays, floors
• Stress relief to animal muscles

• Made from recycled rubber
• Non-porous/absorbing
• Anti-slip design

• Horse floats & stables
• Calf & pig pens
• Heavy work areas
• Truck beds

Product Datasheet:

Grooved Rubber Mat ShoneRubber

Production Equipments:

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Packing & Shippment:

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