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Cloth Pasted Rubber Sheet

Cloth pasted rubber sheet is exllent to protect from sun exposure. Cloth rubber sheet can be usd in horse area and matting for surface protection.

Cloth Pasted Rubber Sheet ShoneRubber

Our rubber sheet is very well suited for a wide range of applications and noted for its resistance to chlorinated, most chemicals, oil and petroleum, ultra-violet lights, oxidation and its ability to maintain flexibility in cold temperature environments while exhibiting extreme toughness to wear and tear. For Commercial and residential applications, this rubber sheet can be used under shower pans, drainage systems, garage applications, weather stripping, washer and dryer pans and many construction and remodeling uses.

Compare the various of Cloth Pasted Rubber Sheet to determine the best choice for your applications.

Cloth Rubber Sheet, Cloth pasted Rubber Sheet, cloth inserted rubber sheet

Product Description:

General Properties:
• UV inhibitor added to protect from sun exposure
• Textured rubber surface or excellent traction

• Horse areas
• Gasket
• Matting for surface protection
• General use

• Made from recycled rubber
• Non-porous/absorbing
• Anti-slip design

Product Datasheet:

Cloth Pasted Rubber Sheet ShoneRubber

Production Equipments:

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Packing & Shippment:

Rubber Packing & Shippment ShoneRubber
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