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Checker Runner Floor

Checker Runner Floor has excellent skid-resistance. It usally be used in hotel, stadium, airport and so on.

Checker Runner Floor ShoneRubber

Rubber floor is the most commonly used by all over the world as rubber has unmatchable qualities. Rubber sheets are easy to fix and replace, also they provide comfortable flooring and easy handling. Rubber floor provides the ultimate comfort and fall protection. Our rubber floor has excellent drainage ability and is suitable for smaller areas as well as wet areas. Rubber floor also reduces the risks of slips. Rubber floor has rapid drainage abilities and anti fall abilities which makes them desirable for use in sensitive areas like industries and for common domestic and commercial areas.

Compare the various of Checker Runner Floor to determine the best choice for your applications.

Checker Runner Rubber Floor, Checker Runner Rubber Floor supplier

Product Description:

General Properties:
• No joins
• Avoids Bacteria build-up
• Easy to clean
• Dries quickly
• Reduces chance of injury

• Non-porous
• Surface protection
• Anti-slip ‘Metal’ pattern

• Hallways, corridors, etc
• High traffic areas
• Door & walkways
• Ute trays, etc

Product Datasheet:

Checker Runner Floor ShoneRubber

Production Equipments:

Production Equipment ShoneRubber

Packing & Shippment:

Rubber Packing & Shippment ShoneRubber
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